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This year Roundnet Nederland organizes an indoor competition together with 4 roundnet associations in the Netherlands. This competition will consist of three general tournaments, where you can collect points for the final team-tournament! On this page you will find more information about the dates, sign up process and formats. 

Last tickets for the Enschede Indoor tournament are available now!

On the 26th of november we will kick off the indoor season with a tournament in Enschede. There are only 12 team spots left. (There was a pre sign up - see below).


There will be competition in the beginner and intermediate/advanced division. You can sign up now. 

Buy your ticket here

In the competition 64 players can participate to collect points. By buying a pass you will be able to score points and join the tournaments. A pass will give you access to the following three tournaments without any extra costs:

  • 26th of November in Enschede

  • 11th of February in Groningen

  • 10th of March in Utrecht

By buying a pass you will also get a discount on the Indoor Amsterdam Open on January 20th and will be able to score points there as well!

A pass gives access to one player. This will allow you to change teammate over the different tournaments. We will facilitate free-agent matchups in case you cannot find a teammate yourself.

Since a limited number of passes are available only a short time and sales will follow the following schedule:

  • October 18th: €32,50 (Waiting list)

  • October 22nd: 32,50 (Early bird price) open sale

  • October 26th: 37,50 (Late bird price) open sale

  • October 30th Last chance, sale closed.

For each tournament you receive a signup form 4 weeks in advance. In this form you can register for the tournament. You will have 1 week of signing up for a tournament. Once the signup will close, the spare places for the tournament will be sold separately by the organizing association. There is no guarantee of receiving a spot at a tournament without a pass.


Every enthusiastic player (dutch and non-dutch) are welcome to join the competition!

Any questions? Feel free to email us at:

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