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This year Roundnet Nederland organizes an indoor competition together with 4 roundnet associations in the Netherlands. This competition will consist of three general tournaments, where you can collect points for the final squad-tournament! On this page you will find more information about the dates, sign up process and formats. 

10th of March - Utrecht

The registration for the final indoor tournament of season 23/24 is now open.

You can register your team now!

Please read the information about the tournament at the bottom of this page carefully.


On the 10th of March we will play the finals of the indoor season in Utrecht. This will be a squad tournament where the clubs and communities face each other, a first in Dutch Roundnet history! Each squad will consist of 3 teams of 2 players (so 6 players). The seeding for this tournament will be based on the indoor ranking scores from the tournaments in Enschede, Amsterdam and Groningen.

On the 10th of March the squads will face one another in poule play and bracket play. Here we will determine who will be crowned the best squad of the Netherlands!

Curious about the latest individual indoor ranking? Check out

Date: 10th of March

Time: 09:30 - 18:00

Location: Sporthal Nieuw Welgelegen, Grebbeberglaan 13, Utrecht. 


Once you have 6 players, you can register your team via this form. In case you have trouble finding players for your squad, you can 

Note: while we love the squad members to be from the same club/community, you can mix and match. Looking for players? Post a message in our discord channel

After this registration, you will receive a payment link (for those team members in your squad that do not have the indoor pass) and after the payment has been received, your team registration will be transferred to the tournament page on Fwango

There is space in this tournament for maximum 12 squads

Your squad will be seeded based on your combined scores in the indoor tournament 2023/2024. 
During the registration you can determine the seeding within your squad. Team 1 is the strongest team in your squad, and they will play against the seed 1 of the other squad. Team 2 against team 2 and team 3 against team 3.

The squad that wins 2 out of the 3 games will win the match. 

For any questions, please reply to this email or send us a DM on Instagram. 

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