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Dear NK Roundnet teams!

In a few days the time has finally come: the NK Roundnet 2024 will be played! With more than sixty teams, divided over four divisions, it promises to be a wonderful day. And: the weather is also good! In this email you will find all the information you need to come to the tournament well prepared.


The National Championships are played in Utrecht, at the De Rivierwijkers football club. We have two beautiful artificial grass fields ready for you here. And you can park for free at the Rivierwijkers.

Address: Koningsweg 139a, 3585 LA Utrecht.

Please note: If you come by car, one of the two roads leading to the location is blocked off. So check Google Maps before you leave. 

In addition to the playing fields, the association has a canteen with terrace and sanitary facilities. So you can take a shower after the tournament if you feel like it. 


Please find below the map of the venue, as well as the programme for the day.

09:00-09:30 Registration - Please be on time!

09:30 Welcome & Warm-up

The timings in the table below are an estimate. You do not need to wait to start with your next match. Once you see the match in Fwango, you can play.

*   Bo1 = Best of 1 match, Ro8 = Round of 8 (quarterfinals)

NK Kaartje v3.jpg
NK schema.jpg


During the tournament we will use the Fwango website. Before the tournament, it is useful to log in to the website via your phone and see if you have access to the tournament page via this link: Here you can enter your own scores during the tournament and see who your next opponent is. If you can't figure it out, please report to the registration table.


During the National Championships we play with the rules of the International Roundnet Federation. All rules can be found via this link: IRF rules

Whatsapp group - announcements

During the tournament we use a WhatsApp group for latest announcements. You can now join this group. Make sure that at least one of the two players on the team is a member on the day of the tournament. Join the WhatsApp group

First aid and physiotherapy

We have someone present all day on first aid duty. And in addition, a physiotherapist will be present between 13 and 17. Feel free to come by at any moment whenever you need it.


To make this day last as long as possible, we will continue to party after the tournament. Everyone is welcome in Roos' garden for a cold (non-alcoholic) beer and nice music! It is less than 5 minutes by bike from the Rivierwijkers or a 10-15 minute walk. We hope to see you there. The address will be shared later in the WhatsApp group.

What to bring

It's going to be a hot day! So don't forget to bring sunscreen and a large bottle of water that you can refill often. A cap or sunglasses are probably not a bad idea either.

We also ask your team to both wear the same color. This way you can be found easily.


Food and drink

When registering, it was also possible to make a reservation for lunch and a fries+snack. If you have chosen this and paid, it will be ready for you at the tournament. There is also plenty of fruit and other snacks. You can refill water bottles near the field.

Public is welcome!!

Participating in a National Championship is of course fantastic and it is even more fun with spectators. So be sure to bring your fans with you. The Rivierwijkers' canteen is open for them. And they can even enjoy some fries at the end of the day!

See you Saturday!

Roundnet Nederland & Around U

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