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Newsletter #1 2024

Dear Roundnet Player,


Welcome to Roundnet Nederland, the federation of Roundnet in the Netherlands! We have just completed three Grand Slams and a wonderful indoor season right before that, and now, the National Championships are just around the corner. We at Roundnet Netherlands are working hard to shape the Dutch roundnet scene, and since this year you have also become a member of us (by being a member of your club). This means that you can also benefit from everything that we as a federation arrange and together with you we will shape roundnet in the Netherlands. (Because as you know, our sport is still young.)


To keep you informed of our activities, we will send out a short newsletter like this 4 times a year. We hope to include as much of our communication and important information as possible. In this edition information about the National Championships, how you can order a new set through us, the World Cup this summer and more!


Now, if you don't know us yet, have a look at our website and if you have any questions for us, feel free to ask them on the discord (at the bottom of this email.)


See you soon! (in Utrecht at the National Championships perhaps?)

Stijn, Sanne, Tim, Tjebbe, Mark and Maurice


Want to buy a roundnet set yourself?

We are now hearing from many people around us whether new sets can be ordered: and the good news is that it is possible again! We hope to arrange this again through your clubs in the future, but after delays in distribution in Europe, we have decided to first organize an order ourselves. (Note order deadline is Sunday, June 23)


Premier Spike (~€105.00) LINK

You may have played with it before, but there is a new brand of sets emerging, which we also believe in: Premier Spike. That is why we want to give you the opportunity to order a set from Premier Spike


Spikeball Pro (~€75.00) LINK

Of course, our well-known Spikeball Pro set is also included in our deal.


Spikeball Pro 2-ball pack (~€12.50) LINK

And finally, we also offer the Pro-balls that we use in tournaments in the deal :).


NK ROUNDNET (Dutch National Championships) - JUNE 29

You can hardly have missed it, but for those few people still in the blank: the NK Roundnet is coming again!! This year we will meet in Utrecht on June 29th to compete for the titles. Did you not yet register? You can do this now, HERE!


Get in the mood with the photos of the 2023 National Championships.

If you would like to play, but don't have a teammate yet, post a message on Discord.


The Roundnet World Championships in London

This summer there will be another World Championship Roundnet and this time in London (mark August 29 to September 1 in your calendar). We will send a delegation there ourselves representing the Dutch Roundnet, consisting of 10 teams! Who that will be is still very exciting and depends enormously on the National Championships! (So be there!)

In addition, we also hope to go with a nice delegation to encourage our teams and see the world's top players play. If you want to come along or are interested, keep an eye on our socials. We're looking forward to it!



Anyone who is a member of Roundnet Netherlands (or who has purchased a season pass) can again earn points for the Open Power Ranking and/or the Womens Power Ranking this year. All points from the first 3 Grand Slams have now been processed and you can find the current standings here.


1 Stan van Manen

2 Jarec Schouten

3 Rudo Brus


1 Lauri Schippers

2 Linde van Wambeke

3 Roos van der Wielen

Discord & WhatsApp community

Roundnet is of course known for its great community. And to better facilitate the community in the Netherlands, we have created a WhatsApp and Discord community. Various groups can be found in WhatsApp for different cities and regions to make it easier to bring our roundnet players together. The Discord facilitates a platform for all your questions about current affairs such as tournaments and a place where you can have wild discussions about, for example, the rules of the game. Here you can ask both the Community and Roundnet Nederland a question!


Content creators we are looking for you! 

There is a lot of roundnet content appearing on social media. We would like to add to this trend but don’t have the people and time to do as we envision. We want to start a group where people can help with content creation. This can be in various forms: taking pictures, making video’s, creating posts or any other form what you can think of to help with our social media. We don’t expect anyone to put in many hours a week but when you have some spare time and like to create something join the content creators design team of Roundnet NL!



Lastly, this month you can win a Spikeball PRO set for your family, friends, community or club. What should you do to win? Go to a fun, wild, recognizable or weird place in your city/area and play a game of Roundnet! Make a video of this and upload it to Instagram. Tag @roundnetnederland and tag your location. (You can also upload it to TikTok). We will accept entries till June 27 and select the coolest, nicest, most beautiful, funniest or maybe weirdest video!

Check our updated Linktree for all our channels.

We hope to see you around!

Roundnet Nederland



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